The CO2 "hockey stick" since 1000 CE: Observed (blue) and modeled (green)

The three principal natural influences (red, green, purple) on climate (blue)

The residual surface temperature (RST, blue) compared with human radiative forcing (HRF, red)
ECO2/280 reduces emitted ppm to multiples of preindustrial CO2.
45% of that is what remains in the atmosphere after the surface absorbs 55%.
(NB: Surface absorption is reduced by deforestation and other land use changes.)
That plus 1 (preindustrial CO2) is expected total atmospheric CO2 based on emitted CO2 since 1860.
log base 2 of that is radiative forcing assuming Climate Sensitivity CS = 1.

Atmospheric CO2 as a function of accumulated emissions since 1900.

63-year climate is best modeled by Radiative Forcing (log2(CO2)) and Absorbed Solar Insolation (ASI = TSI*0.7) together!

Troposphere structure as a function of latitude, and induced tradewinds.

Miscellaneous unlabeled plots and other images